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If you have a large dog and feel that you can spend over an hour grooming, then definitely go for it.

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We provide Professional House Call or Mobile Pet Grooming services in Singapore.

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Please Note: The content on this site has been moved to Dog owners often confuse the process of clipping with dog grooming but dog haircuts are just one part of dog grooming which can include bathing, brushing, cleaning ears and clipping nails, parasite control and dental care.You can buy a pair of special grooming scissors online or at any pet store.How To Groom Your Dog With Clippers Please note: I may be compensated through the links in the post below, but the opinions are my own.A dog grooming program that combines online classes with hands-on, real-world training is the perfect option for busy stay-at-home parents.Make the experience fun by giving your pet breaks from time to time, giving praise, treats, pets, and even a little bit of play.Read about the pluses and minuses of a groomer who comes to your home.

Online classes are self-paced, meaning you can take classes around your own schedule and take the time you need to understand the material.Grooming your Shih Tzu will include bathing, brushing, and caring for the eyes, ears, teeth, and nails.Keeping your Shih Tzu well-groomed will help it be a happy, healthy, and good-looking dog.

Grooming your poodle at home can save you money and increase the bond between you and your pet.

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Commercial tubs are generally stainless steel and require plumbing systems that must be purchased separately.Many dog owners prefer to leave haircuts to professional groomers.The specially designed rounded tips ensure safety when trimming.

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Labradoodles have coats that will require a regular brushing and grooming routine.We offer complete pet grooming services in a self-contained, climate controlled unit at your home for both dogs and cats.Just like people, dogs need physical maintenance to look and feel their best.

What medication can I give my dog to sedate him for home grooming and nail trimming.Trust Cheryl, a trained Veterinary Technician with over 10 years experience in the field, to care for your pets where they feel most secure.

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Most dogs are not thrilled to be brushed, trimmed and bathed, but the best way to get a dog used to the necessary act of grooming is to begin early and to get that brush or nail clipper out on a regular basis.The main variable in pet grooming prices is the type of animal and size.

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Tips for a safe home grooming session include: waiting until the dog is calm, keeping the session short until your dog becomes used to it, calming him down by petting all over his body, and praising throughout the entire experience with a few tasty treats along the way.

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Top tips on how to groom a dog at home -- make your pooch look like a million bucks.If you have more than one, prices can be significantly lower for the second and third dog.